What's a Drink?
  • Fun, engaging 3-minute video promotes responsible drinking
  • Features Surly, the amazing counting canine
  • Reinforces the message in the What's a Drink? pamphlet
  • Designed for adults who can drink legally and not meant to convey that any level of drinking is safe
  • Produced by ETR Associates (2010)


Surly, the Amazing Counting Canine

Surly is a 4-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. She came to her trainer/owner as a foster dog through a rescue service, but was officially adopted after a few weeks. Who could say no to a Cattle Dog who adores everybody and is always eager to work?

Despite her rocky start, Surly has excelled in many activities. After her surgery healed, she was able to run and be a dog. She began her training and obviously loved showing her intelligence and dedication.

Surly has been awarded her Canine Good Citizenship award from the American Kennel Club and is a certified therapy dog. She also trains for and competes in multiple obedience venues, as well as agility and herding.

What's a Drink? is her first movie.

What's A Drink? Pamphlet, Click here