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Period Facts (Spanish)

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Period Facts

Children and tweens on the threshhold of puberty have a lot of questions about what it means to start your period. Approximately half the population will experience a period at some point in their life. Our pamphlet "Period Facts" presents basic information about periods and the menstrual cycle in clear, easy-to-understand language. We present information about how menstruation is a natural, healthy sign of growing up and emphasize the fact that individual differences are normal.

  • Clearly explains the start of periods as part of normal puberty changes
  • Discusses how the menstrual cycle is part of reproductive health
  • Describes what to expect when periods start 
  • Answers common questions about menstruation   
  • Covers menstrual product options, both disposable and reusable
  • Discusses how good nutrition and exercise can reduce or alleviate cramps and PMS

  • Language:  Spanish

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