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Powerful Evidence-Based Tobacco Resources
ETR is proud to present a dynamic line of scientifically proven, field-tested tobacco prevention and cessation resources from Herb Severson, PhD, a nationally acclaimed leader in tobacco education.

Developed through grants from the National Institutes of Health, all materials were subjected to rigorous peer review and evaluation. You won’t find a more effective ally in your fight against smoking and smokeless tobacco.
 Tobacco Zero
Teaching Kids to Resist Social Influences to Use Tobacco

(Grades 5-9)
 Tobacco Zero  Tobacco World
Interactive Tobacco Prevention Program for Middle School Students

(Grades 5-9)
 Tobacco World  Up to Snuff
A Handbook on Smokeless Tobacco

(For Teachers, Parents & Teens)
 Up to Snuff 
 Enough Snuff: A Guide for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

(For Adults & Teens)
Enough Snuff  Enough Snuff: A Guide for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco for American IndiansEnough Snuff  Enough Snuff: Quitting Smokeless Tobacco: A Guide for Military Personnel Enough Snuff 
 Enough Snuff: A Video Program to Help You Quit Snuff or Chew

(For Adults & Teens)
 Enough Snuff  Enough Snuff: A Video Program to Help American Indians Quit Spit Tobacco Enough Snuff  Tough Enough to Quit: A Video Program to Help You Quit Spit Tobacco

(For Military Personnel)
 Tough Enough to Quit 
 Enough Snuff: Pocket Guide for Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

(For Adults & Teens)
 Enough Snuff  Enough Snuff

(For Adults & Teens)
 Enough Snuff (Spanish)      

Herb Severson, PhD, a key developer of Enough Snuff, Tobacco Zero and other evidence-based resources, is a licensed psychologist with more than 30 years of experience in helping people quit using smokeless tobacco and cigarettes.

Dr. Severson has been an investigator on more than 50 National Institutes of Health grants researching the development and evaluation of tobacco prevention and cessation. His current research involves the evaluation of smokeless tobacco and smoking cessation programs, including web-based cessation and interactive computer-based tobacco prevention programs for youth.

He is a contributing author of the 1986, 1994 and 2001 Surgeon General's Reports, and has written numerous books and over 30 video and computer programs on tobacco prevention and cessation.

Dr. Severson, who received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is a Senior Research Scientist at Oregon Research Institute and president of Deschutes Research.



Photo of Herb Severson, Ph.D.