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Watch Your Health Message Come Alive
with These Living Pamphlets


ETR Associates is proud to present 4 compelling Living Pamphlets on critical health issues. These unique resources combine the educational value of a printed pamphlet with the dynamism of video.

The results: relevant, accurate, dynamic health information that speaks to today’s adults and youth in their voices. Once regarded as a way to fill classroom or after-school time, video is now recognized as a dynamic means of communication. Videos:

  • Have strong emotional appeal
  • Simplify complex ideas
  • Reach people with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners
  • Offer a common experience for people to discuss
One of the 4 Living Pamphlets, called What's a Drink, is for young adults. The other 3 Living Pamphlets are for teens. These feature downloadable discussion guides and activity sheets that:
  • Offer ideas for activities in schools or health education settings
  • Strengthen and extend learning
  • Provide ideas for homework and extra projects

For Teens  For Young Adults
Sex Myths

Relationship Check:
Healthy or Un?
Tech Confidential
What's a Drink?
DVD Options
For the 3 Living Pamphlets for teens


Video, discussion guide and activity sheets are also available on DVD.
Each DVD comes with 50 pamphlets

Sex Myths DVD
& pamphlets

Relationship Check DVD
& pamphlets

Tech Confidential DVD
& pamphlets

Complete Set

All 3 videos, discussion guides and activity sheets on 1 DVD.
Comes with 50 copies each of the 3 accompanying pamphlets.