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HealthSmart Digital Edition



Welcome to the Digital Edition of HealthSmart, ETR's comprehensive K-12 health program.

Like HealthSmart’s proven Print Edition, the Digital Edition is flexible and easy to use, offers measurable results and conforms to the National Health Education Standards. HealthSmart also focuses on the areas of risk that confront youth today, as identified by the CDC’s national Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS).

The Digital Edition provides the HealthSmart curriculum in a convenient electronic format, and is ideal for school districts that are or will be using technology in the classroom. It gives teachers online access to the lessons from the teacher's guide, with links to all the materials needed to teach. The student license grants access for teachers to print the PDFs of masters and student activity sheets.

HealthSmart Digital Edition:

  • Includes easily accessible links to PDFs for all student materials and teacher masters
  • Features the invaluable, teacher-friendly Lesson Planning Tool
  • Provides access to rich teacher support resources on the HealthSmart website
  • Is affordably priced, with price breaks given based on number of students and length of license

Digital access can be customized to suit your particular program needs.

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